Today’s Reinsurance Market Is Challenging

Combined ratios are increasing. After multiple years of below-average losses, catastrophes hit a record high in 2017. But reinsurance prices have hardly budged, as the influx of alternative capital,  M&A, and consolidations in the marketplace have created an increasingly competitive reinsurance market. The result has been the need to spend more time processing larger volumes of data in considering more deals.

So how does Analyze’s Re real-time analytics platform help?

Price Complex Contracts

Evaluate the most elaborate reinsurance structures, and sell or buy the most cost-effective cover.

Stress test what-if scenarios of different limits, deductibles, and/or attachment points for any given deal and understand the implications in seconds.

Determine the marginal impact of how a contract fits into the whole portfolio instantly, and back allocate your retro costs to individual business units or even treaties.

You no longer have to rely on your analysts to re-run cat models—now you can empower your underwriters to price deals on the fly, underwriting the best deals faster than anybody else on the market to turn the soft reinsurance market into opportunity.

Portfolio Management

Roll up your entire global portfolio on any field in seconds!

Real-time analytics can enable you to understand the key risk drivers in your portfolio by unlocking information in your data. Break down your portfolio by any dimension—on a region or peril basis, by business unit or geography, by broker or by underwriting team. Analyze with the flick of a switch and ultimately identify where and how to decrease your combined ratios.

Cut through the noise quickly to dissect your portfolio from all angles. Use the extra time you now have to run what-if analyses and slice and dice any combination of layers to understand how they would impact the profitability of your portfolio.

Executive Dashboards

Provide executive teams with a pulse of the business by enabling them to view interactive, real-time portfolio dashboards instead of relying on static monthly or quarterly reports.

Track and compare retro spend year over year, quickly compare profitability over time across business units, understand the key risk drivers, and ultimately identify where to alter the strategic plan at the drop of a hat. Executive teams will be able to:

  • Compare projections vs actual performance over time across all business units and gain insight into allocating the purchase of retro cover
  • Understand if expected loss, zonal PMLs, or TVaR limits for the portfolio are being met and drill down by region, peril, or line of business in seconds
  • View the portfolio from multiple perspectives such as current, in-force, authorized, live, and roll-up on any field in real time.

Speed and Scale

Our real-time portfolio analytics platform can be deeply embedded into your internal systems, leveraged to build a new tool or accessed as an end-to-end solution via our Excel add-in.

As an API-first platform, this toolkit can be used out of the box. But unlike any other post-modeling solution on the market, it can be highly customized to your needs.

Our technology is also built to scale—so you never have to worry again about scaling infrastructure as your portfolio grows.

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