Strategic Support for your Plan

Building the world’s fastest reinsurance analytics platform was no mean feat, however, we didn’t want to just stop there. Having real-time capability has allowed us to offer a very unique benefit on our platform.

Generating iterations of a large portfolio to find the most profitable.

Generating iterations of a large portfolio to find the most profitable.

We created sophisticated machine learning algorithms, to help with the evaluation strategic or market change against portfolios of insurance risk in order to find how to improve profits.

We use this to find thousands of ways to improve the risk vs. reward of entire portfolios.

This powerful feature has helped our partners to create more robust strategies towards profitable growth even in today’s tough market. Read on to find out how it works.

The Challenge with Planning

A solid plan requires insight into the impact of change. This is one of the most challenging aspects of traditional portfolio planning and one that Analyze Re has made a mission to help with.

When it comes to changing the strategy, the main difficulties is dealing with the complexities required to adhere to internal underwriting guidelines or portfolio concentration limits. Because of the characteristics of insurance and reinsurance portfolios this can be very labor intensive, requiring manual evaluation of multiple options on how to best balance the risk vs. reward.

Real-time analytics changes this.

Our goal has been to give you the ability to quickly evaluate major and minor strategic changes to your portfolio and quickly understand the likely outcomes so you may tweak and tune accordingly.

Manage Change

At Analyze Re we believe that you should be armed with the best of breed analytics to help you manage change more efficiently and effectively.

Reviewing an efficient frontier of candidate portfolios.

Reviewing an efficient frontier.

Analyze Re has pioneered predictive analytics technology similar to that which the capital markets have been using for years to help insurance and reinsurance companies better manage their risk portfolios and ultimately improve profits.

Our Process

Our goal is to provide you with continual insight into how to improve your portfolio by setting clear and measurable direction to aim towards. This is based on a tried and tested process of strategic objective capture and underwriter input. We then let our machine learning technology crunch the numbers and intuitively present back the results with the tactical approach to executing on them. Our typical improvements are greater than 10%.

icon-step1Portfolio Data, Losses & Premiums

We begin the process by seeding data into the platform and creating an initial portfolio, using our real-time analytics to show you the starting metrics. This could be an in-force portfolio including not taken up business or any combination of desired constituents.

icon-step2Analyze Re Strategic Planning

Next we capture objectives and constraints to ensure that the system can be guided towards actionable changes. This is critical as the underwriter must ultimately have confidence in the results.

icon-step3Risk Profiles & Growth Strategies

We then present the results back for review and allow for iterative changes to be made. This facilitates the tuning of the model until we reach a point that produces an underwritable portfolio.



The rest is up to you, however we understand that the real world keeps moving and so our technology supports full automation of the above process so you can adapt to any change in the market and always stay one step ahead.

See It in Action

Read our case study to learn how you could quickly be seeing improvements to your portfolio.

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